Title: Yihe Company Launches a Healing Journey to Taining Dajinhu for Employees on Their Birthdays in the First Half of the Year
Views: 903 Date: 2023-08-15

From August 6th to 7th, Jardine Matheson organized more than 70 first-half birthday employees to visit the Dajinhu Scenic Area 

in Taining, Fujian to celebrate their birthdays. As one of the most charming tourist destinations in Fujian Province, Taining Dajinhu 

Scenic Area boasts rich natural landscapes and unique cultural history. During this recuperation trip, the employees visited scenic 

spots such as Dajin Lake, Ganlu Temple, and Yixiantian, and fully enjoyed the wonders of nature. This recuperation trip allowed 

employees to relax in the beauty of nature, enhance their relationships with each other, and devote themselves to future work 

with a positive attitude and a more energetic spirit, jointly contributing to the development of the company.

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